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Just another noodle for my necklace!

Pasta Jewelry Anna Pierce

Anna Pierce is a young designer, who has become famous for her ability to transform materials of everyday life into jewelry. Latex, deadstock fabric and industrial grommets are just some of the non-conventional materials that inspire her designs. But there is a material that has made her work even more special: the pasta.

In fact, many of her creations, such as bracelets or necklaces are made up of pasta. And the idea is very clear: creating value with unconventional items that are often ephemeral, unlike the typical precious metal and gemstone. After the Rhode Island School of Design and the collaboration in 2015 with her fashion designer friend Rafaella Hanley of Lou Dallas, Pierce has also created a series of corsets, chokers, and bracelets inspired by what she describes as “a fictitious image of a doctor diagnosing a Victorian woman with a syndrome caused by excessive luxury.” All are sold exclusively at Planet X in lower Manhattan.



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